Friday, March 3, 2017

From Royals to Vandals

The Secret Language of British Royalty's Handbags

Queen Elizabeth does carry a purse despite having Ladies-in-Waiting to fetch and carry for her.   Perhaps it is meant to be more of a signaling device than merely a convenient sack to carry her glasses and case, the odd mint, a handkerchief in. The on dit is that when she shifts her purse from one hand to the other, she's saying,  "I'm ready to leave now."  When she is nearing the end of an event, she will put the bag down on the nearest piece of furniture for the lady-in-waiting to pick up as a signal that she's done here.  If she is in a conversation that is boring or annoying her or who knows what, she will give her wedding ring a slight twist.  This is interpreted to mean, "GET ME OUT OF HERE!"

What I want to know is this:  why are her stockings always wrinkled at the ankle?  Doesn't she have the strength to pull them up taut?    Are her maids as aged as she is?  Given the amount of money she is said to have ... someone brawny enough to haul hose up could easily be found.

Devil Spawn in San Pedro?

A daycare center in San Pedro, designed to cater to  children of Harbor Dept. personnel and to low-income area children has been vandalized to the tune of more than $25,000.  Damage came from ink toner and/or dry baby formula, dumped into drawers,  sprayed all over the walls, and rugs; obscenities written on the walls.  All of the fire extinguishers were emptied of their contents.   

The World Tots LA Day-Care Center will be closed for a week while a hazmat team goes in for the clean-up.  Teachers will have the week off as will all of the children which caused some concern to the parents of the kids who may have had to scramble to get alternative child care. 

The culprits have all been identified and arrested and will be dealt with in Juvenile Court. 

Five children were involved  - four boys and one girl - aged 7 to 11 years old.

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