Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Woman's Day March!

Ladies - wriggle into your Spanx, tighten the ankle straps on your Louboutins and prepare to march in celebration of women's accomplishments!

But ... don't get too cocky.  Offered below is a Forbes list of the wealthiest women on the planet and of more interest how they got that way.

Christy Walton   $36.7 billion   Widow of one of Sam Walton's sons

Lillianne Bettancourt, France   $34.5 billion   Daddy founded L'OrĂ©al (OTC hair dye, guys)

Jacqueline Badger Mars  $20.3 billion   Grandpa founded Mars Candies as in Mars Bars and (high end) Ethel M boxed chocolates.

Gina Rinehart, Australia   $17.7   Daddy, an iron ore magnate.

Suzanne Klatter   $17.7 billion   Daddy is BMW

Abigail Johnson   $17.3 billion   Johnson and Johnson, the Band-Aids family

Lauren Powell Jobs   $14.1 billion  " That's 'Mrs. Jobs' to you."

Miucci Prada   $11.1 billion  Grandpa's knitting business

Charlene de Carvalho Heineken   $10.4 billion   Daddy Heineken

Elaine Marshall   $8.8 billion  Husband, who owned a great deal of Koch Industries

Every single one of them inherited from a husband or male relative.  These "accomplishments" you're bragging about?  What were they again?  Better you should fluff it up and go sit in a bar on an Oh so-casual manhunt. 

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