Sunday, February 14, 2016

Various on Valentine's Day


Today the jazz club carries on as usual, just as they will for Mother's Day in May.

RIP Antonin Scalia

When I first read that he'd been found dead "at the Cibola Creek Ranch," I immediately Googled it to see if it was the kind of "ranch" located outside of Las Vegas.  I didn't think they had that kind of thing in Texas, but ... better safe than embarrassed, right?

Today the media is portraying him as the only Justice that did anything;  that most if not all of his decisions were The Right Ones, leaving the rest of the Supremes more or less as back-up singers.  Little did I know ...

I wish these "Presidential candidate debates" would come to a screeching halt.  They prove nothing except the fact that grown men can carry on like little kids in a sand box.  Pointless.

Yeah, and if wishes were kings, beggars would ride. 

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