Saturday, February 27, 2016

A New Disorder - AND the Treatment For It!

The disorder first.

Do you wish you lived where there is (multiple choice) less snow?  More rain?  More sunshine?  Warmer temperatures?  Do you feel frustrated when you look out the window at another day that is clearly going to be just like yesterday?  Do you find yourself staring gloomily at back-to-back Rick Steves Travelogues?  Sighing nostalgically for Huell Howser?  Checking out travel books on exotic destinations, a world away? 

Do you suffer from the distinct desire to just turn over and scooch down a little deeper in the bed covers?  Is the alarm clock now your sworn enemy?   Are you indifferent to the morning papers or Drudge Report headlines? 

This disorder has not been formally named because the scientists that treat it can't come to any agreement on what it should be called!  "Reluctant Life" was turned down as was "Weather-related Disappointment Days."  The latter was felt to be a little too closely related to Seasonal Afflictive Disorder (SAD) and "Cousin of SAD" didn't exactly ring out and reminded some of the infamous Son of Sam killer..  The other scientists involved were unable to contribute anything useful as they were all scooched down in their beds, eyes tightly shut.

What ever you choose to call it - modest suggestion here "The Don't Want to Do Its" - there is therapeutic relief and it is called "Geographical Therapy."  Which is in itself a cousin of "Retail Therapy" which involves shopping 'til you drop.  And if you don't drop, the end of the month bills will put you on the floor, eyeballs bleeding.

What is Geographical Therapy you ask?  Getting out of town for as long as you can manage it.  Your destination does not have to  be distant (requiring expensive plane tickets and nice hotels) it can be as close as a mere 125 miles (LA area to Palm Springs.)   Touring Orange County which shouldn't take much of a day, if you think about it.  Once you've seen Newport Beach and Balboa Island, you've pretty much seen anything interesting.  Especially recommended for those who live inland  - such as Pasadena or Antelope Valley dwellers. 

I would like to be bombing down to Palm Springs right about now, but the fog outside the balcony door has swallowed up the back yard.  Exiting the driveway could be even more hazardous to our health than The Don't Want to Do Its.  Grin and bear it ... summer will come.  Someday.

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