Sunday, February 7, 2016

Superbowl Sunday Supermarket

Take a cart and roam the aisles with me ...

Vegetables:  Any avocados left?  Because 139 million pounds of guacamole will be eaten today.

Meats:  Oh, the poor chickens - 1.3 billion (billion) wings will be stilled forever.

Don't feel like cooking?  Even though 43.3 million of us will be  hosting a get-together?  Call Dominos - they expect to sell 12 million slices or five times more than a normal Sunday.  In fact, $48 million will be spent on take out and delivered food today.  Unknown -  how many pizza slices will be free due to delivery in over 30 minutes.

Sad Statistics/Cost of Living Aisle - this is near the checkout counters in case you're still back in Chips and Snacks.

1967 tickets - $10-$12    Today:  $500 to $3,000 and that's the price on the ticket itself.

Average cost for a 30-second commercial was $40,000 in 1967 and today it's an eye-watering $4.8 million.  For 30 seconds!

Oddly though, attendance figures are reasonably static - 61,946 people sitting there in 1967 vs. 68,500 expected today.

I mused as we drove home from the supermarket (back end of the cargo hold suspiciously closer to the ground than on the way over there.)

"You know, Richie - this game - I've never even heard of the Tennessee Rat-catchers or whoever they are."

He said, "What are you talking about?"

Me: (impatiently) You know!  The Superbowl with the Green Bay Packers and that team I never heard of!"

He shot me a quick, unbelieving look; the light changed and we drove on.  "Oh, you mean the DENVER BRONCOS and the CAROLINA PANTHERS?"

I hunched in my seat, in a surly mood.  And thought, "At least I've got a couple of good books to read."  And then my thoughts turned to the heavily loaded back end and I pondered what to eat first.   The fresh-made guacamole from the guy who only sells it weekends outside of Sam's International Market?  How about a nice chunk of sourdough baguette with a streak of brie?  For dessert I can have a Carrot Cake Inside Out Cookie (300 calories) and of course the Toffee Chips should be close by... but when should we eat the Boar's Head hotdogs and buns?  Lunch or dinner... hmmm... depends on how much we eat during the game - which should be a lot!

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