Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Few Thoughts of My Own

The following thoughts/opinions/snarks are my own and not to be considered as reflections of any other living person's thoughts/objectives or goals.  That said, let us proceed.

"Caucus" - a meeting of members of a legislative body who are members of a particular party to select candidates or select policy.

Iowa voters, as obliging as they may be, are NOT members of "a legislative body."  They are rank and file voters supporting a candidate.

Essentially the caucuses in the states that promote them are composed of voters who care enough about their party to get off of their languid asses, bundle up and drive to a polling place and vote.  The "caucus" in this instance is nothing but a poll.  Since poll numbers can be (and often are) manipulated outrageously, the "results" should not be taken as gospel.

And speaking of gospel, I find myself laughing at the hypocrisy of one of the GOP candidates.  Professing to be "a Christian" and indeed saying, "To God be the glory!" on news of his win and including the line "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning" as a direct reference to his third place win is the same man whose campaign sent out a threatening mailer to voters telling them that the campaign knows how often and for whom they voted as well as their neighbors! Their guise?  Getting out the vote.  Ben Carter is accusing them of telling  voters that he was quitting the race - prior to voting.  Cruz has since apologized to Carter.  As they say in courtroom dramas however, "You can't unring the bell."

Such wonderful Christian values!  Perhaps it is now more understandable why I feel that "evangelistic" candidates are the biggest hypocrites of all. 

And, on a lesser note, congratulations to the PR department of the caucus states - you really earn your ink every national presidential election.  Do actual voters on the day get a slight tax break or something?  Or do you just know who voted and how often?

Aside - the media reported, tongue in cheek I am sure," that among our voting choices are a "Cubanadian."

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