Saturday, February 13, 2016

Fried Pickles

What did you think when you saw Fried Pickles listed on a menu (most likely in a bar)?  Did you say, "Oh, wow!  What a great idea!"  or "Hmmm... might be good..."  I laughed.  Why would anyone want to bread a hamburger dill pickle and fry it up?  Especially when you could be breading rings of onion and frying them!

Last Thursday a group of like-minded souls rendezvous-ed after Thurs. Writers at The Pitcher House Upper Deck, 409 PCH in the Redondo Shores Shopping Center (across the street from the back entrance to the RB Main Library.) 

A bar in a shopping mall is a great idea, especially in the beach cities, because there is unlimited free parking.  And there are elevators up to the bar which is on the second floor.  One conveniently opens on the Pitcher House deck.

Half of the group didn't drink, but the other half did and I believe you can easily grasp which group Richie and I were in.  One of Richie's Rules for Safe & Sane Behavior is that if you're going to drink, you need something in your stomach. When I saw Fried Pickles, I was in.

The non-drinkers ate anyhow - the chicken tortilla soup got raves.  Half of the Fried Foods Platter which was generously passed around the table went home with the woman who'd ordered it - it was that bountiful. 

Contrary to my vision of flimsy hamburger dill slices, the Pitcher House's are thick slices, cut on the diagonal, and well breaded with a seasoned, crust.  Little paper cups of  Ranch dressing and a mystery sauce - faintly pink and perky - came with them.  It was a generous portion (probably a whole, fat cucumber's worth) for $6.50.

If you're not puckered up for pickles, the kitchen also offers up fried zucchini and, in fact, a host of bar foods as well as Mexican foods and sandwiches.  French fries are $2.50 and Tater Tots (very rarely seen which is a pity) are $3.

The bar has a huge patio with plenty of seating as well as a lovely dark interior with more seating, signs, banners and TVs. Automatic bathrooms; they flush and spout the water to wash your hands.    I think I've found my new go-to bar. 

For the particular, foods arrive on china platters with real metal silverware and stacks of  paper napkins. 

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