Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Possibilities for Superbowl Grazing

Archer Farms potato chips are a brand I came across on a recent visit to Target.  The following is not an endorsement of either one.

I like a bit of "crunch" with a sandwich and Lays potato chips or Fritos - a handful - satisfy that desire.  We were out of chips and we were in Target, so I wheeled the cart (my chic walker*) over to the food department. 

My eye fell upon Archer Farms Habanero and Ranch Dressing and I saw no more.  They were good even though I've never been a fan of Ranch Dressing - too fattening on a salad and rather dull in a chip, but as a tongue smoother to habanero (Scoville rating 300,000 vs. jalapeno 16,000) it works well.

Yesterday I saw Wasabi and Soy chips and thought that sounded interesting.  Into the cart.  Then I saw - and I was cold sober (drunk in Target is the same as underdressed in Wal-Mart) - Dill Pickle Chips.  I blinked.  The sacks of Dill Pickle were still there.  Next time.

Possible pairings for our third Eat-a-Thon of the year (Superbowl) :

Sriracha or Habanero Ranch with guacamole
Dill Pickle and corned beef sandwiches or Reuben's.
Sweet and Spicy BBQ with deviled eggs
Parmesan Garlic with slices of pepperoni or salami
Wasabi and Soy - drew a blank.  Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

*Target carts are bad choices as walker replacements because they are heavy plastic on indoor/outdoor carpet.  One lap around the place with a few side jaunts and the pusher will be knackered.  Much more preferable are small wire carts on linoleum.  Zoom!  Now that I have discarded the walker AND the cane (today) this is just a well-meant word to others.

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