Thursday, February 11, 2016

True Life

Yesterday we popped into Fran's Hallmark, Hermosa Beach*, to buy the late February-early March birthday cards.  I sent Richie off to the Birthday aisle and began looking through the Valentine's aisle along with another woman.

I spotted cards for your cat to give you and laughing, held it up to the other woman and said, "Can you believe this?" and she laughed and said, "I'm looking for one for dogs!"

ZsaZsa Watch - today's news is that she may not survive planned lung surgery.  Reportedly she got a lung infection from her feeding tube.  As she just celebrated her 99th birthday and has reportedly been in a vegetative state for some time, why would  surgeon even contemplate surgery?  Not to wish the poor thing anything bad, but ...

And since a surgeon's ego is paramount, I can't see one setting off to captain the Ship of Fools. 

Ah, show're clearly never too old...

* Yes, this is a minor plug for Fran's Hallmark where we've been buying cards for yonk's years.  Everyone there is friendly and anxious to help.  She (Fran) doesn't even know I write this column so she will never see the plug.  I do NOTHING for payback. 

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