Saturday, February 6, 2016

Spanish Lessons

Today we went to our first class in Spanish, held at the RB Main Library from 2 to 3:30 taught by our good friend Olga. who recently earned and got US citizenship, liberation from Caracas.

It is a small class - 12 plus us = 14 so there is plenty of personalized teaching.  We each took turns reading one of the three cards given to us at the start of class.  You read the card to the class and then, in Spanish, answer it.   

My first card asked:  Who is a good political leader?  Who is a bad political leader?  Why?

I said "This card is a little hot (grin) and then read it.  For comment, I said, that it didn't matter today but it would on the Day of the Dead. (11/2/16.)  Which was how I dodged a bullet.
In Spanish.

The second card I read asked what I liked to cook so I rattled off quesadillas, machacas and the class and Olga are all "No, no - what utensils do you use in the kitchen?"

I thought for a flash - I have no idea whatsoever how to say fork, spoon, spatula - so I said, "Mi lengua!" and stuck out my tongue. 

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