Sunday, December 27, 2015

Tinsel Ground Into the Rug

Sometimes Ya Gotta Be Tough to Live at the Beach

This morning it was 39 outdoors and 57 inside the living room.  Richie has one of those "atomic" clocks that operates on a radio signal or something out of Denver, I believe.  The indoor-outdoor temperature is a feature of it.

However, the clock also said 7:22 a.m. at 7:02.

Beating the Cold
We crank up the wall heater and turn on the dining room ceiling fan.  By 7:30 a.m. it was 62 inside.  Thank God it's a sunny day; overcast would really make us miserable.

I have lectured about this probably every winter but ... here's what insures a toasty warm bed:

Waffle weave thermal blanket
Bottom sheet
Top sheet
Polar fleece blanket
Heavy bedspread
Optional:  Make cats lie in the nooks and crannies the bedding doesn't seem to reach. 

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