Monday, December 14, 2015

On the 12th Day of Christmas...I Had a Panic Attack

Until I calmed down and realized that one can get a lot done in 12 days.

Today - get multiples of our Christmas shot.  Buzz briskly through Best Buy or Target for an inexpensive (read:  cheap ass) printer so that I can print out the labels and start on the Christmas cards. 

Yes, we still send snail mail cards.  I love seeing who wrote and reading the annual letters in my hands and not on a computer screen although they are great, too.  My schtick is hearing from people we ONLY hear from once a year.  Handwritten or online - either is wonderful for that. has one more delivery and I have a stop at Trader Joe's for gift cards and local treats.  Then I can ship to out-of-town family and it probably will get there in time. 

The Thurs. Writers annual potluck Christmas party is Thursday; Wednesday is set aside for Himself to make his famous pumpkin pie and Thurs. morning I will be making a composed salad (did anyone ever see a nervous salad?) and London tea cucumber sandwiches.  The champagne is already cold.

It'll all be done before I know it.  So I can slap my face and put the martini makings away. 

sandwich white bread - the sleazier the better.
Onion/chive whipped cream cheese
A cucumber - English if you can get one - Ralph's Manhattan Beach has them.
A Japanese spiral slicer which makes cucumber ribbons.

Stack 2 or 3 slices of bread, trim off the crusts (sandwich bread makes this a snap) line them up, run a rolling pin across them and butter them with the flavored cream cheese.  Cut the sandwiches in quarters and garnish with a cucumber ribbon. 

A thin round of cucumber is equally effective.  Serve open-faced in either case. 

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