Sunday, December 13, 2015

All You Can Do Is Laugh

Last night's news was mainly about the triumph of the "Global warming - OH NO!" crew's pact in Paris. 

Some 194 or 195 nations (number varied) all signed on to minimize carbon emissions in the future. 

Clearly it never occurred to anyone to teleconference this grand event and everyone stay home.  Think about the carbon impact of 194 or 195 planes flying into Paris and the subsequent need for individual limos so that no one felt slighted. 

No wonder they want to enlist "for their children" - those kids will be adults by the time this blast of jet fuel and limo gas is gone.  And, with luck, the signers will all have gone to their (dubious) reward.  This is not Nobel Peace prize stuff.  But it is a prime example of "The rules are for everyone else."

Just snigger; it's all the power that we are left. 

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