Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hopes Dashed! Dashed, I Tell You!

I thought I'd come across a way for our cats to finally pay for themselves.  (snort)  A brief article in today's Daily Breeze revealed that a Japanese company is selling Fluffy Forehead Fragrance Fabric Water, to be used as a washing additive. 

This (dubious) scent was developed by Yamamoto Perfumery and testers' comments included "The smell of sunshine" and "sweet bread."  The perfumery CEO spent time sniffing cats foreheads at cat cafes (common in Japan) to make a match.  I can only imagine the comments -- picture it, a dapper, well-dressed Asian gentleman approaches you as a cat lolls on your lap, hoping for a treat.  "Pardon me, may I sniff this cat's forehead?"  Yanking the poor cat back in fear, the cat petter says, "No!  Manager!  Manager - over here!"

I Googled to see how one could obtain this scent and no one had an answer.  I did feel sure that no cats were harmed in scent reaping - why kill the golden goose, ya know?  Dreamily I visualized a little home industry where every three days I wiped our three cats foreheads with tissues, sealed them in ziplock bags and collected the money.

And then I realized.  This scent is an artificial one and created in a laboratory in Japan.   So much for finally having cats that could earn a living. 

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