Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Season of the Archer

Sagittarius  11-23 to 12-21

Too honest or too stupid for their own good, the Sag (pronounced "sadge") says the first thing that pops into mind.  Happy and gregarious - "Childlike" say many - the Sag has no knowledge of financial matters whatsoever.  A checking account is as good as a credit card to them.  They are gamblers with bad tempers.  The good news is that they will attack with a fist and not a gun.  (It would take too long to go find it; a fist is at the end of their arm.)  Unable to keep a secret, they are also unable to tell jokes.  Prone to ("ruled by" say knowledgeable others) momentary enthusiasms a Sag will deny loving words meant at the time as soon as they unpeel from the sheets by saying, "Huh?"

Examples are Frank Sinatra and William Buckley, Jr. 

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