Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Jack Daniels Front Done Moved In On TGIFridays

Yesterday I had a 10:30 doctor's appointment that ran until 12:15.  At noon I was thinking about poking my head out of the exam room and asking if I could order in a pizza.  Cooler heads prevailed (theirs) and we left at 12:15.

After a meeting of the executive committee (Richie and self) we decided to hold the annual office lunch at TGIFridays which is in the same office complex. 

On entering, we were told to "Sit anywhere" which always indicates the resto isn't that busy and they weren't.  As it was a celebratory event, he had a small Stella (choice of 14 or 20 ounces ) $4 and I had a Bloody Mary $7.09.   

Our food arrived promptly - a New York Cheddar Bacon Burger with cole slaw ($11.29) for him and a California Club ($10.99) for me.  California in a club sandwich name means avocado slices, too.  We usually know it as a  BLAT. 

Both sandwiches were enormous; mine was on ciabatta and his looked like it was, too.  I had the other half for dinner, but Richie manfully plowed through all of his.  Since I still had room (theoretically) I ordered the Jack Daniels Whiskey Cake ($4.79) because it is a reminder of the veddy, veddy English toffee pudding I loved in London (and anywhere else it was being served.)

I had noticed a great many dishes on the menu with Jack Daniels as an ingredient.  The grill items -- all eight of them -- all had it.  I began to wonder if the restaurant and the whisky makers had cut some kind of deal?  If Jack had bought TGIFridays? 

Extensive research ("Hello, Google!") didn't yield any insights other than the fact that TGIFridays is a franchise with 900 restaurants located in 60 different countries including such unlikely places as the UAE, Kazakhstan, Bangaladesh, Lebanon and Morocco.  Somehow I don't think there are any Jack items in the UAE.

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