Sunday, December 6, 2015

Letter to the Editor

Sunday, December 6, 2015  - Daily Breeze

MB should tap sunscreen industry for dispensers

Re:  "MB idea has got everyone covered - Nov. 29.

I laughed out loud at the ineptitude of some Manhattan Beach city officials.  Commissioner Janet Krause Jones proposed free sunscreen dispensers as she has seen on other beaches.  Mayor Mark Burton said, "'s a matter of getting one of the hospitals or health care providers on board."

This is a perfect example of "leaders" whose only acts of business genius are to hold out their hands.  They don't have the business savvy to open bids to the sunscreen industry to provide the dispensers and the sunscreen  for exclusive rights to Manhattan Beach.  And yet, voters elected these incompetents!  They clearly couldn't run a lemonade stand.

Of course, when visitors find there is no parking and you can't smoke outdoors, all of the free sunscreen in the world isn't going to populate their beach. 


Nina Murphy, Redondo Beach

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