Saturday, December 12, 2015

And One Thing Leads to Another...

Let me introduce myself - Hi, I'm a Trader Joe Junky.  I love a great variety of flavor in the things I eat and because I eat slowly (as compared to a dog) I like hunting for say ... the marshmallow ribbon in Rocky Road ice cream - and they could dispense with the hazel nuts which give a faint hint of ... healthful?  This is ICE CREAM people!   Butterfat and sugar are not health foods. 

Today Richie handed me the every-now-and-then Trader Joe flyer and I dropped my book and seized my pink marker.  I had to flick away premature saliva as their writers are masters of making you want to go get some (whatever) right this minute!

Tour with me ...

Sriracha Potstickers with Shrimp and Crab - warning:  the wrappers have been dyed with beet juice or spinach making them noticeably red or green.  Previously I bought shrimp and crab something or other and when I got them home noticed that the principle ingredient was trout - back they went. 
Reassuringly crab is spelt crab all the way through and not "krab" which means fish.

Shrimp Toast - said to be a favorite of the late Duchess of Windsor - river shrimp and butter blended and compressed into a container and then spread on white bread and toasted.  Her recipe sounded greasy which didn't sound like her as she had all of the curves and roundings of a wire coat hangar.

Camembert and Cranberry filled Phyllo Bites - good flavor combination and if you are handy with phyllo dough, something you could make at home if you weren't bone idle lazy like this writer.

Shrimp and Grits Bites - a cornbread-lined muffin cup (size not mentioned) filled with sweet corn grits, shrimp. cheddar cheese, onion, jalapeno peppers and a dash of sriracha sauce. 

Sliced Truffle Ham - from Italy.  Also from Italy - "Nduja," a spreadable salami which is said to go well with fig and black olive small toasts. 

Chocolate Raspberry Tamales - the masa has cocoa and cinnamon; the filling is semisweet chocolate chips and raspberries which melt together when heated.  This is all very cute, but I think I'd prefer pork in red sauce myself. 

Got a Choco-maniac on your list?  Just wander through the store with your basket.  Normally all things chockie are found above the freezer cases, but seasonally they're all over the store. 

I read about all of the above; have made my choices and now we'll have to have people for drinks so that I can serve them and taste them.  A simple sit, reading, has evolved into a major house cleaning, setting up the dining room table attractively and buying more champagne.  The dark side of Trader Joe.

Note:  I am not affiliated with Trader Joe in any way, shape or form. 

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