Friday, December 18, 2015

A Gentle Bit of Advice

I decided to make the candy in a recent dispatch - the really easy one.  I duly started melting the 72% cacao chocolate in a double boiler as suggested; then got impatient, transferred the chocolate to a plastic bowl and nuked it. 

I then laid down lines of melted chocolate and studded them with a candied cherry about every inch. 
When the chocolate hardened, I would then cut bite-sized squares.

All went well except for the fact that am not used to working with melted chocolate and got it all over my hands.  This is not a good thing.  With many foods, one can just stick the affected hand in running water and presto, clean-o.

Not 72% cacao.  You have to run really hot water and scrub hard with plenty of soap.  If it hardens under your nails, you are going to be licking your fingers for quite some time.  Probably about the time you get over the 1st degree burns on your hand from washing - trying to wash - it off of your hands.

If I ever do this again, am going to have a pair of purloined doctor's gloves ready to use. 

PS  The top half of the double boiler is still soaking.  Good thing it's rarely used.  Hot chocolate anyone?

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