Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Quiet Little Tingle of Anticipation

I woke up this morning smiling and couldn't figure out why until I remembered that today is Christmas Eve day.   While I am always delighted to see another sunrise (or somewhat later) it is not a daily smile-worthy event.  The only other one is my birthday.  You can't live as I have and not be glad about making it through another year. 

I'm gently excited about the possibility of more Christmas cards from people like me who got a late start on addressing, stamping and mailing them.  Fed-Ex was here yesterday and we weren't so there is yet another present coming our way.  I've also been informed that my nephew's gift and the gift I got Richie will both arrive next Tuesday which means a definite layover of "Christmas." 

Our friend "D" is coming over Christmas Day afternoon for champagne and appetizers.  These are the Trader Joe hors d'ouevres I wrote about recently and it has been a matter of considerable restraint on my part not to prize open a corner of the boxes and have a little, uh, pre-sample.  "Quality control testing" if you will.  Yes, my wiliness nearly surpasses my greed when it comes to food. 

I should make this point - Christmas presents - whatever they may be - are not avarice on my part but great curiosity about the creative humor often expressed in their choices.  I try to reciprocate in kind (to explain the rubber chicken I once gave a nephew which is still raising eyebrows in some circles.)

Yes, the day before Christmas can be just as fulfilling as Christmas Day.  To me at least.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL - and a great Christmas Eve day!

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