Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thoughts and Comments from a Shut-In

You know you're not going to get much news from someone who can't walk well enough or long enough to go out in search of the news.  I have to rely on incoming for excitement - The Drudge Report, White House Dossier, the Daily Mail.

I can count on the morning chaos here to provide a little insight on what it's like to be locked up at home.  We usually get up around 7 a.m.  Richie trails me as I head to the bathroom to either pee or dump a sodden diaper, wash and arm myself with a clean diaper.  Then Richie follows me up the stairs, carrying my walker.  At the top of the stairs I head straight for the big green recliner and flop.

He then switches on the coffee pot and starts feeding the cats.  The Old Girls are easy enough - after 12 years they know the routine as well as we do.  Fred, however, is full of fun in the morning!  He turns up his nose at his bowl and goes raiding theirs, after waiting patiently, nose to nose, until the other cat quits eating.  Then he tears into the leftovers. Unfortunately leftovers include pawing Streak's bowl off of the chair next to her, until it clatters on the floor like the A-bomb and eating the contents directly off of the floor.    

This morning was the same with the exception that after he dined, Fred knocked a plant off of the shelf-mirror  in the living room and Richie went ballistic.  Fred went into the upstairs bathroom.

Then Richie poured me a cup of coffee and handed me the Daily Breeze.  After I peacefully read the paper, he helped me to the computer and here we are.  The Ladies are quietly digesting breakfast and Fred is about to be allowed outside of the bathroom.

So, off to other sources.  The papers are wrongly saying that the White House has installed a gender neutral bathroom.  It isn't in the White House but the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.  And why on earth is a gender neutral bathroom of any importance whatsoever?

Barry Manilow just married his male long-time manager.  I never knew he was gay - and apparently a number of other people didn't know either.  Frankly I never paid that much attention to Manilow so this was non-news to me, but bless the happy couple anyhow.

Update:  I had a 10:15 a.m. appt. with the surgeon.  Results - he showed us the x-rays that had just been taken and we saw the three pins he'd installed.  He took out the staples (3) and had his nurse put strips over the holes and glued them down.  I guess so that I wouldn't leak?   He was surprised that the only pain medicine we have in the house is Aleve and wrote a Rx for Percogesic.  He doesn't want to see me for another three weeks.  In dismissal, he all but slapped my flank and said, "Git outta the barn, Bossy."

I hired a well-recommended house cleaner named Sylvia and she starts next Monday at 9 a.m.  If I can wind up with a house cleaner it will be a bright side affect from the various recent horrors.   Onward!

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