Monday, April 27, 2015

Seen and Heard at a Party

Saturday, April 25th - private room and patio, Las Brisas, 1969 Artesia, Redondo Beach

The DJ stopped the music to introduce the hostess who began by saying, "I'd like to thank Jay Simpson for the beautiful graphics work he did on the invitation.  Stand up Jay!"  (wild applause)  Turning to the DJ, "And our DJ the very talented John Mason! (aside) our DJ has a Brit accent!  How's that for class, parvenus?" More wild applause.

Hostess "Many of you who aren't sodden drunk will remember that -- WAIT A MINUTE!  Why aren't you sodden drunk?  (turning)  People!  This is an OPEN BAR!  Free drinks!  Have we all forgotten our open bar behavior?  (quirk of an eyebrow, questioning look?)

"As I was saying, I billed this event as a 'Pre-Need Funeral Afters and I did it because the old World War II hit by Vera Lynn called "We'll Meet Again"  resonated with me. (nod to DJ)."

And half of the audience got up and began dancing!   So enthusiastic was the response that the DJ had to play it again!  Vera Lynn, ya did it again!


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