Friday, April 17, 2015

The Clinton Follies

The Funniest Show in American Politics Today!  Step right up!

During her much bally-hooed trip to Iowa to show the people she's just like them ... in no particular order, her van parked in a handicapped space but whether this was before or after it was driven past a group of people in wheelchairs waiting too see her is unknown.

She called that all of her ancestors were immigrants; only one was.

She and Huma lunched at a Chipotles and were not acclaimed, let alone noticed.  They didn't tip.  In retaliation?  The practice of tipping is unknown to them?

She held a press conference with selected media and prior to it confiscated cell phones and cameras.   

Much ado - "The Little Lady" pulled her own wheelie onto a commercial flight back to NY.  The effect was rather blown when the limo and Secret Service vehicles pulled up to the flight to take her to Chappaquiddick

I wake up every morning all excited about what boner she might have pulled while I slept..

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