Monday, April 13, 2015

Domestic Matters

Landed Gentry

I  hired a house cleaner, well recommended to me by a friend I trust.  Among her remarks - "She's been with us since before Ella was born (oldest child.")  I was quietly amused at the thought of dating events  relative to children's births. 

My previous experience with house cleaners is limited to  the days when I was single and lived in Beverly Hills.  Mind you it was a one bedroom flat and I couldn't even be bothered to keep that clean.  She wanted to bring a friend to keep her company while she worked (fine) and the two of them lectured me unmercifully -  that a woman my age could be such a slob.  In my turn, I think they were a little over-the-stop when she was cleaning the wallboard to the wall with a pin!

I took to letting them, letting know what was for lunch and taking off until I thought it was safe to come back.

Richie and I have never had help, but we need it now and I'm delighted to have it.  Just from the sounds floating up the stairs I can tell she's into some heavy stuff.  Bathroom - the tub was scoured which must have been a considerable shock to it!  She will apparently spend the afternoon upstairs so I can "take notes" - rah rah ha ha ha ha

When she's done downstairs, Richie will grab his camera and take pictures to show me here upstairs.  Always make your brain work rather than your butt.

New Mailing Address
Nina Murphy
Dark green recliner, 2nd floor
Redondo Beach

The stairs were killing me so I decided to spend last night upstairs in the recliner.  BLISS!

Richie - who would not sleep alone downstairs because what if I fell and he didn't hear it? cobbled himself a bed out of a club chair and a well-filled hassock across the room.  Covered in down coverlets we slumbered peaceful and restfully all night long.  He had a couple of pillows but I didn't need any.

Best of all, I woke knowing I would not have to fight my way out of heavy blankets, hand walk my way down the end of the bed, grab the walker, discard it at the bottom of the stairs and then, using both railings, haul myself painfully up the stairs. 

I may never go downstairs again.

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