Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dear Pope Francis

Your Excellency - I wish to respectfully ask you to look into the qualifications of my candidate for sainthood in the Church.  I understand that canonization is a lengthy process but my candidate has plenty of time, preferably post-death.

Why does he appeal?  At a time when divorce finishes off 50% of all marriages, he has been married for the past 32 years.  In mindfulness of your remark that Catholics are not today expected to "breed like rabbits" the couple is childless by choice. 

His wife had to have emergency surgery for a broken hip.  When she gladly came home after four days in the hospital she was unable to do much more than hobble short distances with the aid of a walker.  She was unable g to do any of her routine household duties.

As quickly as a cop downing a donut, he assumed her job.  She tries to use him for only things that she needs with requests like, "Will you help me pull up my pants?""" "Hand me the lotion?

In short, she will heal and his life will go back to normal.  But for the moment, his life as it was is all gone.  And no complaints..  I think this kind of example should be celebrated.  If you agree, then the exploration should begin.

 Sincerely, the wife..

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