Sunday, April 5, 2015

I'm Home From the Hospital!

Scenario for those that may missed the drama ...

Last Thursday Richie dropped me at the sidewalk in Veterans Park for our weekly meeting.  Halway up the concrete walk, I had a major dizzy spell and decided to take shelter on the concrete, right side down with a terrifying" clunk"  Despite offers of help from fellow writing enthusiasts, I decided to opt for the RB paramedics...

They entered the scene with their own positive excitement - four trucks and two cop cars - and after some discussion decided it might be good PR to takethis sorry carcass for whatever help could be offered it at Torrance's Providence Little Company of Mary hospital. 

Richie, who'd been fetched from the adjoining Farmer's Market, was greatly surprised to find his bride being hauled away by the paras, but he recovered quickly and joined in the parade to Providence Little Co. of Mary,  Torrance.

There it was decided to admit me for the dinner show and I was promptly taken to my premiere box

To Be Continued until you're all sick of it.  Sordid tales of night time distaste ...a flirtatious male nurse (my new BFF) and other tales of swamplike behavior amongst their personnel ...Wait for it!

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