Friday, April 10, 2015

Correcting a Misapprehension

Mrs. McGillicudy and Mrs.Stein were sitting on their usual park bench discussing  neighborhood matters.   Let us listen in ...

Mrs. McGillicuddy - Didja hear about poor Marge? (Mrs. Stein looks quizzical.)

Broke her hip (nodding solemnly)
"Oh no!" said Mrs. Stein.

"Dead in a year" they chorused.

Uh, as a recent hip breaker, I'd like to call Bullshit! on that.  Had I been a fragile, older lady that might have come to pass.  But I'm not fragile by any means or measurement.  .  My shins have at least three bone bruises (those never go away apparently) and they never broke.  Just bruised.

If THIS is why everyone is being so solicitous and good, quit worrying!  When I finish taking the percoset, I intend to open the bottle of wine my nephew sent today and toast your good health!  Bottoms up!  And not on a staircase either.

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