Wednesday, April 1, 2015

App Alert - the Newest Thing

Richie's cousin, John, sent us early breaking news about the Screen Savour which is an app for your cell phone.  It allows you to take a photo of food and then lick your cell phone screen to taste it!

It's handier than a pocket in your shirt with many money saving uses.  In a restaurant, you can taste before you order.  No more food sent back to the kitchen.  If another diner's plate appeals, just take a quick shot of it and lick your screen.  Be polite and ask for permission first. 

There's a new and very popular restaurant and you want to visit but reservations are impossible and the line of cancellation hopers is around the block..  You don't even have to leave your comfortable home!  Just pull up the restaurant's Website and snap away.

Didn't make it to the group potluck dinner?  Have those that did send you a picture of the food.  

Please note that licking your unsanitary screen is not a good idea.  Keeping it sterile with a Clorox wipe will ruin the taste of the food. 

Maxis Screen Savour - you need one!

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