Thursday, September 18, 2014

Zombie Pedestrians - Dead From the Neck Up

Richie and I run errands on a near-daily basis and for this reason, I am able to report on multiple sightings of pedestrians blithely stepping off of the curb and never looking up; never mind looking right or left. 

How insane is that?  Are there now whole generations who believe they are car proof?  That their deodorant or drone repellent will protect them?

They often have pods stuck in both ears, further increasing the danger of being hit by a car.  Oblivious, they saunter across the street, heads bobbing gently in time to the music.

Men and women both do it.  Teenagers in their hunting packs are aware of lights and traffic.  But the largest number of offenders are in their late '30s to early '40s.  What was going on in the '70s?  Did all of the parents work and leave the kids with a sitter who never got off of the couch or missed an afternoon soap opera? 

Did schools never teach any of these kids to "Look both ways" - they were hell-bent on drumming into us  Stop! Drop! Roll!  I have to wonder if they really did fear a pyromaniac on the playground. 

This is very rude behavior on the pedestrian's parts.  If a driver did hit and kill one, the guilt would require several months in a psychiatric facility and who is going to pay for that?!  Not the pedestrian's family, that's for sure.

I wish cities here would do what we've seen in Ireland and England.  At every stop sign the street is painted "Look to the right."  We could spend a little more on paint and mark ours, "Look both ways!"

Then, if they ignored the signs and did get hit, drivers would have the legal right to display the body like a hood ornament.  Be a great warning sight for other pedestrians - except they never look up to see traffic.

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