Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Got Your Mourning Clothes Back From the Cleaners?

Comes word via the Star that Zsa Zsa Gabor is having "sad last days" and goes on to relate that she has accepted that these are just that "says a close friend.".  I have to question this statement because I've read several places that she has been comatose for the past five years or so.  Maybe she said it before going into Hinterland?

The article states that funeral plans are in place; including a closed coffin so that onlookers can just remember her former beauty.  The woman is 97 years old!  Of course, funeral plans have been in place and for quite some time! 

I think this "article" is really a plug for Prince von A-Hole (his tabloid name, universally accepted) as this is included:  He has stayed by her side and loves her very much. An opening shot across the bows of her daughter Francine in the soon-to-be-disputed Will?

She's been dying for the past 12 years...so no need to get hysterical in paroxysms of grief at the funeral...  But I did want to prepare you for the headlines. 

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