Sunday, September 21, 2014

Not the Greatest Idea in the World

The Travel section of today's LA Times has an article of interest for people who are terrified of bringing home bedbugs and/or lice in their suitcases.

The Thermal Heated  Strike luggage has quite the feature.  Leave it shut, set a timer and the suitcase interior heats up to 140 degrees and kills the vermin.  It must be left "on" for two hours when the bag is empty (because you unpacked your clothing directly into the washer) but if you are leaving your clothes in it, their recommendation is eight hours.  

This is the part that I don't think is a good idea AT ALL.  You are leaving flammable materials alone with the power on.  The makers claim the heat will stop automatically.

But:  In Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training it was stressed that one should NEVER walk off and leave the electricity on - think crock pots, electric toothbrushes   In fact we unplug our toothbrushes before we leave town.  Frank the Cabbie always asks if we left the iron on.  As I have no idea what an iron is or what it is used for I am always able to say "No." 

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