Monday, September 15, 2014

Winos Who Recycle

The Daily Breeze Style section on Saturday featured an article on empty wine barrels that have been refurbished into chairs, stools, wine racks and "metal hoop art."  (Their phrase.) 

They reminded me strongly of Mexican patio furniture - the barrel-shaped chairs with the lattice work leather seats and backs, to give you a reliable visual.

I went to the two sites mentioned.  offers a bar table for four with a footrest or bar rail for $749.  To really class up the patio, buy a wine barrel trash can (trash bags extra) for $209.  

Over at  they are offering metal hoop art - mounted heads such as a moose ($1,195) or an antelope ($995) or even a chair (!) made from the staves of the wine barrels.  

All in all, now that you've planted the vines, reaped the harvest, crushed the grapes and you're ready to begin offering tastings, consider furnishing your tasting room with authentic wine barrels that have been re-purposed!  How cool would that be?  And you could keep a clean, but empty barrel to trundle over-enthusiastic tasters back to their cars discreetly.

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