Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Modest Discovery

Friends are coming over this afternoon for drinks and bites and to visit; all occupations we enjoy a lot (astute readers will note what was listed first.)  Drinks are easy - wine or beer but what to put out as bites?

Meanwhile, down at the farmer's market, figs were briefly on offer.  The fig season here is extremely short - very nearly, "Oh, look!  Figs!"  (next sentence) "Nope, season's over."  Richie scored a box and now I sat staring at them. 

I wanted the taste of figs and bacon, but didn't want to go through the hassle of wrapping fig halves in bacon and frying or broiling them.  "Pain inna ass," as they say in New York. 

It occurred to me that mortadella has a strong bacon-y doesn't have to be cooked ... hmmm...  so I washed a fig, cut off the stem end, cut it in half longitudinally, cut a slice of mortadella in half and wrapped each fig half in mortadella and ate it.  Very definitely a keeper - quick, too.  I ate my samples raw so to speak but will serve them next to a bowl of focaccia bites which are olive oil and sea salt-flavored.   

Will report back on their reception tomorrow. 

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