Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fall Indulgences

Fall is my favorite season of the year -- that crisp little edge of cold air behind the sunny afternoons...the intensity of the light -- and savoring the knowledge that  the good times are about to begin ... long afternoons with a book; casserole dinners perfuming the air and heating the upstairs...

For the fullest enjoyment possible of this season, now is the time to go winery visiting.   Food & Wine offers some suggestions ...

Before you get in the car, did you

Call ahead to make sure they're open? 

 Eat something or pack a picnic lunch? 

Make sure you're carrying cash?  Many wineries charge a fee at their tastings - sometimes comped if you buy a bottle. 

Most important?  Hire a designated driver.

Avoid Saturday wine tastings - they're big with bachelorette parties and other rowdies. 

Leave the perfume or after shave at home. 

Above all - don't get drunk.  No one wants to see that...

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