Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Latest Thing in Selfies!

I certainly can't call it "news" -  photographer Robert Cornelius took one of himself in   (wait for it)   1839!  Cameras were so slow at that time that he had time to take off the lens cap, run in front of the camera, pose, click off the shot and recap the lens. 

in 1914 the Grand Duchesse Anastasia, age 13, clicked off a selfie and was apparently the first teen to do so enabled by the invention of the Kodak box camera 'way back in 1900.

In more dignified times (O where have they gone?) they were called self portraits.  It wasn't until 2002 that the "selfie" went into common use. 
So selfies aren't exactly breaking news despite what a bunch of teenagers and narcissists may think.  But thanks to their devotion to themselves, I just may be in for a big fat royalty fee with my sensational idea.

I'll share it with you, Gentle Readers, because I know that none of you would be low enough to steal it.  (It should go without having to be noted that if you did, my wrath would be horrific and my ways of revenge limitless)  Ya ready?

Selfie Paper Dolls!  Here's how it goes - put on your best (or in some cases cleanest) underwear and pose - stand up straight, arms outstretched, head up - now SMILE!  Okay you've got the doll part.

Now go through your closet selecting favorite outfits.  Don't forget seasonal changes!  When you have a good selection, lay them out on a flat surface in the same arm and leg positions as your original pose.  Click away, print it all up and use your scissors to cut everything out.  Use a business- sized envelope as your very own dolly's briefcase. 

Tuck the envelope in your backpack and discover the fun you can have with other selfie paper doll creators.  You can borrow outfits, trade them and never go near a fitting room!  I can see Selfie Parties - think Mary Kay or Avon. 

It's a money saver at the clothing store, too -- you'll never buy a mini-skirt when you should be wearing a maxi. 

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