Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Afternoon Delights For The Retired

We were headed home from running errands yesterday.  It was nearly 4 p.m.  Richie suddenly turned left.  Puzzled, I said, "Uh, this is not the way to the house..." wondering if he was having a senior moment and if so, how far was I from the ignition key and would my seat belt stretch that far...

"Let's have a beer," he replied pulling into a space right in front of Suzy's.  Since we were there, I shrugged and followed him in.  We got the two seats at the bottom of the bar.  The man on Riche's left turned out to be very friendly.  In our conversation, we learned that he was born in London,  (and still had the accent) but has been an American citizen for years.  He went on to tell his that his daughter had died in February at age 48 from the effects of Type 1 diabetes.  Last Saturday, the bar featured a charity auction and raised $3,500 for Type 1 diabetes research.

Tony the Brit launched into raptures at good meals served both locally and in London.  Tidbits he let slip - he made his first $100,000 20 years ago.  He once acted in a production on the London stage.  H's best friends with the Michael that owns The Depot in Torrance.  And that these were delicious at the charity auction -
Fresh jalapenos, split and de-seeded
Cream cheese to spread on one-half of the jalapenos
1 Lil' Smokie's sausage on top of the cream cheese

Put the empty jalapeno on top of the filled like  a lid, wrap the whole thing in bacon and barbecue.  Dunno about the sausage which is largely fat, salt and gristle in my mind.

A nice time was had by all.  Not a bad way to spend an afternoon either.  It was ... informative.

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