Monday, April 21, 2014

Beware a New Disease - Perfection Anxiety

The words are self-explanatory but the meaning is not for the likes of us.  It is a term to describe those who have 15 houses, yachts in three oceans (nice touch that,) planes, plastic surgery and house accounts with the designers, well -- what's left to yearn for? 

The.  Very.  Best.  Nothing less than utter perfection is allowed in the front door.  A case in point:  Petra (daughter of Bernie Ecclestone) and her husband James Stunt (not making that name up) have purchased Van Dyke's last self portrait (he conveniently died a year after completing it) for $20 million dollars.  The National Portrait Gallery, London is fighting to buy it and keep it in England being as Van Dyke was the first portraitist of the land. 

They apparently turned to this purchase after having a $19 million wedding where the bride swanned around in a $130,000 Vera Wang wedding dress among the guests sipping Chateau Petrus ($6,000/bottle.)  Then the happy couple sauntered into the sunset but the article was unclear as to whether it was their new house (Aaron Spelling's old one)  purchased for $85 million or to Petra's London house in Chelsea ($90 million.)

The dilemma now swirling around the unfortunate couple would seem to rotate around, "How do you top this?  Why don't we feel better?  I mean, look at all we've got!"

A great many people can remember specific financial successes that didn't amount to a great deal of money (when I sold my first article and photos for $200!) or being the only kid in school that had a $5 a month allowance! 

I suppose that "the Christian thing" to do would be to feel sorry for them.  But I can't.  They've bought their way into  Perfection Anxiety;  let'em wallow in it.  Somewhere else preferably than the pages of Vanity Fair.

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