Thursday, April 24, 2014

Henny Penny! The Sky(line) Is Falling!

Vanity Fair, assumed to be the first reading choice of erudite New Yorkers, is runny a scary "expose" titled "Too Rich, Too Thin, Too Tall?" referring to the seven new skyscrapers currently going up or waiting to go up in midtown Manhattan. 

These condo-apartment buildings have to be built on the skinny side so as not to impair the views from all of the other skyscrapers.  One will be only 60 ft. wide! 

The 96th floor of 432 Park Avenue will be the highest residence in the Western world.  It sold for $95 million dollars.  The tallest building will rise to  1. ,422 
f t.; the runt of this litter only 700 ft.   

The interiors cost/will cost $11,500 per sq. ft. up from the original price of $7,000 sq. ft. which is still three times higher than existing luxury residences.

Who has that kind of money these days?  The article cited the one per cent of the one per cent group (quite possibly only three people.)  A clue is found at the developer's Web site which can tempt the buyer in English, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, French and Italian.  The song in the sales spiel?  "Dream A Little Dream Of Me." 

The buyers are expected to live in their homes in the sky perhaps for as long as three weeks at a time.  These buildings are being bought up by enormous corporations as an investment.

I think they're all crazy - developers and buyers.  Did no one ever explore what's underneath the sidewalks of Manhattan?  I did and it is layers and layers of:
subway tunnels and trains
a steam system and pipes
cables and conduits
sewage pipes
water pipes
gas mains and pipe

If Manhattan ever has even a 3.0 earthquake, down will come it all.  There is no longer the bedrock that existed back in 1909 when the spires of the city began to rise. 

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