Friday, April 25, 2014

Astrology on My Birthday

Taurus the Bull  April 21st to May 21st   (My Sign)
Silent and quiet, they simply want to be left alone and given their monumental stubbornness they usually are.  Cheap as they are, they will stir themselves to take advantage of a bargain.  Taurus enjoys the power of decision making,  but turns the scut work over to subordinates.  While others turn wrenches, the bull sits on his haunches and smokes a cigar.  They have an additional fault - as if they needed any more -- they have absolutely raging tempers.   Famous Taurus include Harry Truman, Adolf Hitler, Al Pacino and self.

Gemini the Twins  May 22 to June 21      (Rising Sign)
Fast as greased lightning, these two-faced escape artists are shifty-eyed with receding hairlines that think fast on their feet.  They have to as they are often on the run from the law.  Born with a phone in each hand, they are always early or late, never on time for anything.  They change their minds faster than a prom queen in the back seat of a '57 Chevy.  Born blackmailers, they have selective memories and are shifty by nature.  All Gemini's have a nickname and in some instances a police record.   Camelot and Jack Kennedy with a girl in every closet is a good example. 

Sagittarius the Archer   November 23 to December 21     (Moon)
Too honest or stupid for their own good, the Sag says the first thing that pops into his mind.  Happy and gregarious - "childlike" many say, they have no knowledge of financial matters whatsoever.  They are gamblers with bad tempers.  Unable to keep a secret, they are also unable to tell a joke.  Prone to momentary enthusiasms a Sag will deny loving words said previously and ask, "Huh?"  Examples are Frank Sinatra and William Buckley, Jr.

Aren't you glad you know me?   LOL!

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