Saturday, April 5, 2014

Even Though the Superbowl Is Over...

Avocados get huge notice on Superbowl Sunday.  The rest of the year?  Maybe an order of guacamole in a Mexican restaurant once in awhile

This is kind of too bad because avocados fight high blood pressure and decrease total serum cholesterol levels. 

They are a lot more flexible than Just To Make Guacamole.  In the Philippines, Brazil, Viet Nam and Ethiopia, they are mixed with milk or water, a little sugar and pureed for a dessert!  American vegetarians prize them as a meat substitute - their texture. 

Bon Appetit touts them for lunch at your desk.  Some of their suggestions:

A couple of rye crisps with avocado mashed into them with a dash of lemon juice

Sliced and put over rice with a sprinkling of salt, pepper and chili flakes; a jolt of soy sauce

Cube the avocado, slice up a cucumber and serve with a drizzle of olive oil and lime juice

Richie loves them and in a pinch I've been known to halve one and serve it with a dollop of salad dressing inside when he grumbles, "What? No salad?"  It's a super fast way to placate him  They're also good "cups" for tuna or chicken or egg salad.   

And there's nothing wrong with guacamole!  Serve it with thin slices of radish for dipping and save some calories!

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