Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Soul of an Accountant

Don't laugh and say, "Good luck!  They don't have one!"   I admire accountants a great deal because they deal easily and quickly with numbers which I cannot.

But if I'd said, 'The soul of a  banker" you would be just in that comment and I would heartily endorse that statement.  I've never had good luck dealing with a bank for the simple reason that they think it's their money. 

But we're talking about accountants here.  I do like all of them except for the one that lives in this house.

Richie has receipts that probably go back to his tricycle.  He has 30 years of tax returns and you only need the past seven years.

This morning provides an accurate assessment of the situation here.  Long ago Richie started cost accounting the morning cereals we eat.  When he began, I was costing him 27 cents a day.

On a whim, this morning I said, "Am I still costing you 27 cents a day in cereal?"  He looked at the box in his hand, did some quick calculations and said, "No, only 16 cents a day now.
I swiftly stuck out my hand and said, 'Give me the difference!"

He looked startled and then grinned triumphantly and said, "Don't forget the strawberry you cut up for it every morning!"

My own husband happily gypped me out of 11 cents a day.  That could have added up you know...

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