Thursday, October 17, 2013

Coming Back! Yay!

My somewhat gaudy enthusiasm is a result of a page in Bon Appetite that states firmly "Iceberg lettuce is back!" the inference being "Kiss your kale goodbye"  Never having eaten kale, I bear no grudges against it.  What I really hate is the "mixed lettuce" that closely resembles what you'd get if you mowed a field and ate what appeared in the mowing basket.

I grew up with iceberg lettuce.  A "salad" back them meant iceberg lettuce leaves, sliced tomatoes, a little sliced onion and dressing.

More recently someone got the bright idea to serve it in wedges topped with all kinds of good things such as diced bacon,  chopped hard-boiled egg or slices of avocado with either a bleu cheese or Ranch dressing.

One of my all-time favorite salads is found at Tony's On The Pier.  It has existed there for all of the 30 years we've been dining there.

Iceberg lettuce leaves, tossed with river shrimp (the smallest size shrimp) and chopped hard-boiled egg with a dressing that as nearly as I can figure out is equal parts buttermilk and mayonnaise. 

That's a good salad!  Welcome back, Iceberg Lettuce!  Don't get pushed off the plate again by those upstart "mixed greens."

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