Monday, October 7, 2013

Richie Expresses His Displeasure

October 7, 2013

Customer Service
British Airways, Pfc
P O Box 365
Harmondsworth, UB7 OGB

Ref.:  PNR 7EANWG  9/15/13

Dear Sirs:

And I thought highway robbery as a trade was dead.

We visited England (London and the North) for a week.  We had a good trip and a great time.

Until we started home.  We left Preston on time via rail; got to Euston on time and then we took the Tube to Heathrow.

There we had a problem.  Just before Heathrow, the Piccadilly line branches out and we had the wrong branch.  A very nice man told us to get off at Hammersmith, which we did.  For some reason, we had a bit of a wait.  Reason unknown.

At Heathrow, we were told we had missed our flight to LAX by five minutes.

Okay.  We missed the flight.  We knew we had to pay a re-booking fee.

The credit card bill arrived today.  $561.68 to rebook us; a matter of some three minutes with a computer keyboard.  $561.68 is more than a little bit high.


Richard W. Murphy

P.S.  Spend that money wisely.  We sure didn't.

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