Monday, October 21, 2013

Making Halloween Faces

Remember the drama logo of two faces?  One with  a turned up grin; the other with a frown and a semi-snarl?

The smile side would cover kids' delight at free stuff.  It used to be that kids looked forward to unlimited candy! and dentists rubbed their hands together in anticipation.  Today, dentists probably offer a free x-ray to check the few candies the kids will get.  There is no rejoicing in the candy factories either.  O tempes, o mores.

Today people are being encouraged to dress up their pets.  We were buying pet supplies for our pets at Centinela where my eye was caught by a rack of costumes for dogs.  Would you be mean enough to dress up your dog as Madonna - pointy breasts and all?  Good, I didn't think you were that cruel even if she is kind of a dog today. offers a variety of outfits - the Pope (cape and hat,) Snow White, a "dogo-saurius," a mermaid, complete to long fishy tail.   

The darker side really is the human costumes plus make-up.  Ralph's (of all places) a grocery store, mind you, put out a flyer and the first three pages are head shots of a vampire, a zombie and a skeleton.  Instructions are included.  To make scratches:  drag a mascara wand across taut skin. and both offer extensive lines of make-up as does the CVS Pharmacy.  Always wanted to have red, white and blue streaks in your hair?  Step right up!  There are prosthetic devices - think big, warty nose - and even more grisly items.

I am thinking to combine the two faces that one could dress up like a vampire and carry around a "dead" dog (plush toy.  Think that would raise a couple of eyebrows?  Yeah, me, too. 

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