Thursday, October 24, 2013

For Millionaires Only - The Rest of You Go Back To Your Skateboards

There is a travel agency for the very wealthy called InTrav, who boast that they have been planning tours (for millionaires) for 100 years.  I'd never heard of them until I read their ad in Conde Nast Travel which offered exotic destinations for only 50 passengers aboard a 757-200ER.  Clearly it's been reconfigured to a fare-thee-well because passengers have been given 6 sq. ft. of personal space. 

The slave to master ratio is one flight attendant per five passengers.  So there will be a crew of at least 10 of them (FAs,) plus a chef and a caterer and, of course, the flight crew.

The tours don't begin until Spring of 2014 so you have plenty of time to decide on which trip of seven offered appeals to you the most.  Here is a sample:

Bora Bora to Sidney to Myanmar then on to India and the Taj Mahal, then Istanbul followed by Marrakesh and finally to -- are you ready?

Ft. Lauderdale!  Talk about a come down!

Curious about who owns this fantasy plane, I studied the ad carefully and discovered that Icelandair does.  So I Googled their safety record (good) and to my surprise well-known travel writer and tour guide Rick Steves weighed in and said not to fly Icelandair from the States to Europe (or vice versa) unless you are prepared to go hungry on the long flight or pay through the nose for even the smallest snack!

What a contrast!  The 25 day custom tours start at $99,950 per person!

And what if someone brought along their teething baby?  The thought of 25 days with one is ... daunting.

At those prices, I'll stick to Truck (27 years old in October.)   Take a look ...

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