Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Almost Out of London

Our ride back to Heathrow arrived promptly and we left the hotel at 11 a.m.

We had plenty of time before boarding, so we went out to lunch.  Carluccio's seems to be a chain, but an upscale one with a surprisingly chic menu for an airport restaurant.  Richie ordered bruchetta  which came spilling over with chopped tomatoes and bits of basil.  Then he tucked into a bowl of pasta fazool soup.  I had grilled garlic bread (more grilled than garlic-y) with melted mozzarella.  I had a lemon tart for dessert, too, and it was properly "tart" with plenty of lemon flavor.

Finished, we did Bag Check, Security and finally found our gate which was located several corridors and escalators away.  Richie went to the news stand and bought a paper.  I got bored with my book and took off for the news stand to see what I could glean.

Having heard about "Tattler" all of my reading life, I bought one. 

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