Sunday, October 6, 2013

International Travel Tips That Work For Us

Some may strike you as being over kill, but it wouldn't be any fun to be stranded in a foreign place with no passport, money, or credit cards.  Remember how the Cabo hotel manager laughed as he watched two young couples charge down the street at full gallop to catch their cruise ship?  Were that us, we would not be laughing...

Passport Carrier
Richie has a navy blue square suspended from a stout cord.  There are slots in it for your passport(s) and the square is only slightly larger than the passports for a nice snug fit.  This item is worn under his shirt or sweater.  Meaning that if he had to run for any reason, the passports won't fall out. 

The Cash Protector
Richie has what looks like a square pocket, with a zipper across the top and a wide belt loop attached to it.  Put the money/credit cards in this "pocket," zip it shut and run your belt through the loop, putting the "pocket" inside the pants.

Packing Aid
For international travel, I buy the requisite number of bags of new underpants.  Not because I can hear my mother saying, "Always wear clean underwear - what if there's an accident?"

No, I do this for space reasons.  There they are, five or six pairs, all neatly rolled and crammed into a plastic bag.  Which then gets stuck in an odd corner in the suitcase.

Incidentally I have checked with emergency medical personnel and they are much more interested in why you are bleeding from both ears than the state of your underwear.

The Insurance Policy
I put a pair of adult underpants in my carry-on bag and wear the third.  Picture it, you are all settled in your seat, have dined and are watching a movie, sipping at your wine and you think, "I should get up and go to the bathroom - I'll go at the end of this scene; everyone was talking about it."

And then the Captain comes on and says, "Er, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to be flying through a short spell of turbulence - I'll try to get us through it as quickly as I can but for now I'm going to turn on the seatbelt sign.  Flight attendants, strap yourselves in."

Now sheer fear has been added to your, uh, Comfort Level.  And the turbulence doesn't stop.  And you really, really have to go!  Enter the bliss - you're safe in your maximum strength Depends!

Happy trails to you!

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