Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I got interrupted by this computer.  Apologies...

Tattler was founded in 1901 and is a glossy aimed at the nobility and rich people.  The October issue features:

A Field Guide to Bores - How to spot and when to swerve
Invasion of the Princesses - How London became a sanctuary for stateless royals
Harry (heart shape with the word "loves" on it) Cressie - 20 Things you need to know about Cressida Bonas who is apparently Prince Harry's most recent squeeze
The Duke of Devonshire on rebellion, female succession and rewiring Chatsworth

A copy of "Schools Guide 2014" was thoughtfully included in the plastic sack that Tattler had come in.

The other mag that I couldn't resist was a supermarket trashbloid y-clept "That's Amazing!"

Some cover headlines:
I Raised the Wrong Baby for 18 Years!
"20 Stone Legs 'Cos (because of) a Mozzie (mosquito) Bite."  Including a photo of the unfortunate woman flat on her back, shot from the feet upwards was not a good idea.  Each leg weighed 125 lbs. 
"I Love Rats More Than My Husband!"
"I Turned Detective to Prove Mum Murdered Dad!"

It was the glossy version of The Globe, found on checkout magazine stands everywhere.  I was somewhat saddened not to find any alien stories, but the photo of the woman with anorexia who weighed 62 1/2 lb. made my day.  She looked like an alien!

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