Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Triple A Warning

As members of AAA, we get their monthly magazine "Westways."  I'll quote their warnings about car theft and I wanted you to know this is not some harum-scarum e-mail; it starts on page 55 of the March/April Westways publication. 

I doubt we need to worry too much about having our Maybachs "cloned."  Here's how it goes:  thieves have gotten their hands on an expensive luxury car.  They write down the details and then head out to find another car just like the stolen one.   If or when they find one, they copy the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and make a new plate and sticker for the hot car.  And ship it off to a less stringent country or State.

Cover your VIN number (dashboard, driver's side - small metal plate) with a 3" x 5" card.

Copying Keys  Today's car keys have a radio-frequency identification chip which sends a code to the car.  If it's a stranger's keys, they won't work because the wrong code is being sent.  

But now, thieves can buy a small machine that copies your keys' radio frequency and what's more they can then copy it.   Wave "bye bye" to your vehicle.

And then there's just plain hurry and be sorry.  You need to run into the drugstore to pick up a prescription or the supermarket for a loaf of bread.  Hurriedly you click the "lock" button on your car key fob.  You can't be bothered to listen for the answering "chirp" or lights to flash; you'll be right back anyhow.

And when you do return, your parking spot is empty.   Take the time to listen for the chirp or see the lights flash.  It's one of the simplest protections against theft you can take. 


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