Sunday, February 24, 2013

This 'n That

In a nod to previous Oscar winners, we watched "Gigi" last night which had won nine.  I think it should have been sub-labeled "Pedarists and the Women Who Enable Them."

Maurice Chevalier is a Dirty Old Man - he sings "Thank Heaven For Little Girls" in a park where a bunch of 12 to 14 year old girls are playing tag.  His gaze is ... admiring.  His nephew, Louis Jordan, is rich and bored.  Gigi's family is comprised of her grandmother, her great aunt and her mother (never seen, but heard trilling opera music - she sings in the chorus) and their family motto is "We never marry."    Gigi is being groomed -- at age 15 -- to be a courtesan.  And then the nephew gets interested in her and not in a good way.   I was shocked, I tell you.  Shocked.

The Hermosa Animal Hospital, the only one we've used for 30 years, sends out a newsletter and this was something dog owners might need to know.  The little article says that the hospital tries to keep you with your dog in the exam room, but there are some treatments that are better performed without the owner being present.  They explain why:

1.  Dogs have an "any port in a storm" mentality and they will often bond with the tech doing the work.
2.  Dogs are owner protectors and may bite.  When removed from the person they protect, they will calm down.
3.  Dogs have a strong sixth sense and if you're upset, no matter how calm you may pretend to be, they know you're afraid and act accordingly.  Separating the two of you means the dog will most often settle down.

We weren't invited, of course, but the 1,500 guests at the Governor's Ball, post-Oscars, will be served some 50 different dishes as created by Wolfgang Puck.  For the full menu, go to

To be passed:  Vegetable Spring Rolls, Smoked Salmon "Oscars" with dill creme fraise and caviar, Spicy Coconut Shrimp Fritters.

Cocktail platters - starring Bacon-Wrapped Dates!  I think they may have served those at the very first Oscar's party!

Small cold plates:  Kale salad, Japanese baby peach salad.

Small hot plaates:  Chicken Pot Pies, baked potato and caviar.

Desserts?  15!  Cookies, Candy and Chcolate?  Only seven.   

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